Vision, Mission and Values of the Church



A united IECA in thought, multicultural by Christian, prophetic and active maturity for Angolan society more just and based on Biblical principles and Ethical towards a better world for all.



IECA, being an instrument of divine grace, will continue its mission of evangelization and working to meet the spiritual, social and physical communities, living as a family that shares what it has with others.

Mission's Slogan: IECA, CHRIST FOR ALL.



  1. Instrument of divine grace for humanity with the full acceptance of its role to seek á prophetic and pastoral respond to the needs of God's people.

  1. Being the developer of a national collective memory in response to the recognition of our universality, live as a family that shares and is concerned with the interests and expectations of the Angolan people, especially that of his brothers in the faith.

  1. Promoter of a Community Development Integral - DCI

  1. Committed to justice among men, women and children.

  1. Reconciler, welcoming, open and ready to take care of its members and has extended its mission to society by public witness of faith.

  1. Be Courageous and flexible to changes for the satisfaction of expectations, drawing strength and humility in the example of Christ (Philippians 2: 1-11).

  1. Being Faithful and practicing good works and care of God's creation with transparency, accountability and submission to the Creator.

  1. Being a Christian church that glorifies God and seeks g his guidance through prayer, Bible reflection and illumination of the Holy Spirit.

  1. Faith in God and the Hi of humanity by Jesus Christ.

  1. Being a church committed to the awakening of its members, training and rational use of donations for the honor and glory of God.

  1. Member of the line of Reformed churches.

  1. Be engaged in prayer, witness and be aware that what we do today echoes in eternity.


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